Florence vs. The Machine is an animated comedy series  produced by Lori Elberg exploring the generation gap evident in the face of technology.

The story focuses on Flo, a 78-year-old woman who has moved from New Jersey to a retirement community in Florida.   Flo’s lack of basic understanding of modern technology is a constant source of confusion, frustration and humor.

She is the matriarch of a very close knit but scattered family.  Her children are in constant contact with each other through social media, texting and email. Flo feels like she is left out of her children’s lives because she is not “online.”

Her weekly phone calls to her children are filled with asking for tech support instead of keeping in touch.

Flo doesn’t use technology in her daily life either.  She spends hours of her day doing tasks that her children have told her would be easier done online.

She occasionally tries to break out of her comfort zone and embrace a new technology but it ultimately ends up as another call for help from her children. The series continues to evolve as Florence is introduced to a whole new range of technology.

Currently the series is looking for distribution and licensing opportunities. For info please contact Lori Elberg


The idea for the series began when Lori called her mother, Florence,  with the intention of recording her unique voice for a different project. While on the phone her mother kept asking her questions about how to use “The Facebook.” and she soon realized the conversation she had recorded was much funnier than the original project that Lori had intended.

Although she never animated before, Lori, who is an avid doodler, had already drawn cartoon characters of both herself and her mother.  She figured with her background in editing and skills as an artist, Animation would be a challenge, but not out of the question.

Florence is delighted to lend her voice to an animation but she is more excited that her children plan on calling more often in order to record her.



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