Meet the Family…

FLO  FLORENCE, late 70s,  is the matriarch of the family. She is currently residing in an area of Florida that has a large population of old jews.  Her current goal in life is to get on facebook without any of her children helping her.

LORI Lori, mid 30s, is Flo’s youngest child and only daughter.  She lives in California where she works in television.  She is very tech savvy and creative. 

jeff Jeff,  early 40s, is Flo’s middle child. He lives in NJ with his wife Shannah and their 2 kids.  His love of music and movies has made him an active consumer of online media and downloads.  He is politically and social active and it is reflected on his facebook feed. Jeff loves taking photos of his family and posting the pictures online.  In the family, Jeff is the constant peacemaker and tries to resolve conflicts.

STEVESteve, 50s, is  Flo’s oldest son and lives in North Carolina.  Steven is from the tale end of the baby boomer generation while his siblings are GenX.  He did not grow up with personal computers and it was something he came to use later in life.   Steven is a blackberry user in an iphone world. He is always traveling so he is tied to his mobile device for texting, skyping and making phone calls.

bill Bill, early 40s, is Lori’s Husband. Bill started programming at a very early age. He started in the beginning of the dot com industry and has carved out a long successful career doing tech for the entertainment industry.

 shannah Shannah,  late 30s, is Jeff’s Wife.  Shannah uses facebook as a platform to let her opinions be known.

JACOB and Svetlana – Bill’s Parents (Coming soon)

Maggie – Steve’s Wife (coming soon)

The Grandkids


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