Florence Vs. The Machine: It takes a year and a day with “the gmail”


Flo tries to check her email but ‘it takes a year and a day.’
Life was so much easier when she used “The AOL” instead of “THe Gmail”


by Lori Elberg , Co Creator of Award winning comedy shorts by Sketchy Comedy (with Tanya Bershadsky) and Director and Co-Writer of The Cinderellis (Artemis Pebdani) , Writer and Director of Fancy (Gillian Vigman) , Director of Black Off (Hal Rudnick, Drew Droege and Artemis Pebdani ) and WInner of the LA Comedy Shorts Fest and Sony’s Crackle Moving Image, Traffic signals (Kevin Bernston and Mikey Day) and The Hip Hop Hoodios Music Videos